Nippolt claims he
never paints the
hardwoods of
Hawaii, but he
does like to color
other wood, like
the painted
redwood carving
on the left.  It
measures  4' X 2'.
These six painted
mahogany carvings  are
all about 15" tall and 12"
wide except for the one
shown directly above.  
Nippolt offers a humorous
anecdote about carvings
such as these:  "Every
time I finish one of these
little gems, somebody will
visit me from the outer
islands or the mainland
and plead for just a 'little
one' before they head
home. They swear they
will send me money.  I
haven't carved any for
This carving on the left
was one of five that were
commissioned as the
awards for the
Longboard World
Championships a few
years back.  The
champion was pretty
stoked when he won this
sculpture .  He made sure
Nippolt carved his initials
and the year it was
completed before he left
for home, he knew not all
of Nippolt's carvings are
signed.  The tiki was
carved from West Indian
or Cuban mahogany, a
heavy, very dense yet
beautiful wood.  The tiki's
surfboard was shaped
from  curly mango wood.  
Mango is a delightful wood
to work with and has an
astonishing array of
colors:  limes, pinks,
charcoal, and gold. The
board is almost 4' tall
The selection of koa, shown above, has some real
character.  This particular piece of wood offers an
inside view of the tree's past life as well as the
timeless representation depicted in its new life.
2' X 2'
End products from the dynamics of the water cycle can be
illuminated by a group of carvings that present a meal in itself.
(a feast for the eyes)
Enter through this stunning carved mahogany doorway......    
(7' X 9')
....and be seated at this carved redwood dining table.  Your meal  
hosted by way of "Neptune's Entourage".   (Rather than
traditional oak leave patterns, to keep it nautical, Nippolt used a
kelp-like limu (seaweed) for the decorative border motifs.  (Size
approximate 6' X 4')
Servings would be
brought to the table in
beautiful carved koa
duck bowls like the one
shown here, 6" X 14".
(The bowl is sitting on
one of Nippolt's tropical
buffet tables,  painted
with a green ti plant
Afterwards, you could
clean the table up with
this sponge.  Nah,
joking!  Don't tell us it
ain't a kick to put them
rubber duckies on and
get up close to mother.
12"X 20"
Most of us can relate to the carving below.  There is nothing like paddling out and watching someone or a surfing partner getting
righteously barreled, unless, of course, you are the one in the slot.  The carving was created from laminated redwood two by fours
and colored with oil paint.  It is 4' long.
If you ever see
the carving on the
left, feel free to
take it. Somebody
him/herself to this
redwood carving
a few years back.
 Why did they
steal something
that wasn't
We're not talking
about you. Go for
it!  15" X 24"
Psage Title
What is up with this old dude?  
Speaking of finished's this handsome
carving shown above? Nippolt watered down some  
bronze acrylic paint and rubbed it in with some 600 wet
and dry to achieve that downtown sheen.  30'' X  18"

The paddler's view of the carving reveals  
both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional (in
the round) methods of carving utilizing this