Shallow, all water brothers and sisters, welcome to the Shallow Temple.
You probably recognize the surfer below.  Yes, it is the Gnar, on his traveler, getting ready for transcendence.  He will utilize the
cosmic art of Surf-Fu to travel through the portals of time and space.  If you haven't heard or read about the "Legends of the
Shallow Temple," you probably haven't heard of Gnarles, one of the famous surfing monks from the Shallow Temple.     
Go surf ,then come back and check things out.  The south swells have been great this spring; summer is around the corner.  
Pray for surf.
                                                    Shallow,  Philip KIng and John Nippolt
Below is the "Mark of the Katana", a design  created by John
Nippolt  to represent an elite group of monks from the Shallow
Temple.  What do they do?  You will have to read "Legends of
the Shallow Temple" to find out.
We all
should know
who this is.  
If you
figured it
out, back up
and take
look.  "The
3' X 1'

On the left is a mirror
Nippolt created from a
slab of Jacoranda.  This
particular piece of
wood was said to have
been harvested from
the tree Queen
Liliokalani sat
underneath when she
composed the famous
melody, "Aloha Oe."

On the right we have a
fine piece of carved
koa.  Both carvings,
above and on the right
are 2' tall.

If you find these
pictures interesting,
delve further into the
Shallow Temple
website and you will
discover more about
the unknown artwork of
 John Nippolt.
Although Nippolt is known for his mastery as a wood carver he says
his passion is painting.  The Shallow Temple website is proud to exhibit  
his paintings and drawings past and present.  To go directly to the
painting gallery just click on
Paintings.  Not surprising, most of his
works consists of images on, near, or about the ocean.
Nippolt created a series of oil
pastel crayon drawings in a
tribute to the the Japanese
woodblock printmaker,
The Shallow Temple now
offers you a rare glimpse
some of Nippolt's "Thirty-Six
Views of Diamondhead".  On
the left, "Fisherman's Shack",
on the right, "Purple Haze".  
Below left "Hurricane
Warning", below  right, "Canoe
Practice At Kaisers".  More
pictures of the 36 views are
located in

Hey, how is this sticker of the crest of the Shallow
Temple?  Designed and developed by John and Philip,
you will soon be able to order these very cool
stickers from the Shallow Temple website.
John Nippolt is best known as the man who
creates the carvings awarded to the winners of
the prestigious "Triple Crown of Surfing" held on
the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  He has been
doing this since 1989.  His carvings are owned
by the greatest surfers in the world.  See some
of the Championship awards in the
Book section.
 His  artwork will be on display here and soon
items will be for sale.  
Many of the pieces shown here have never been
seen or exhibited before. John utilizes a wide
variety of wood and some of his favorites are:  
Koa, milo, ohia, jacaronda, and Cuban mahogany.
 He uses these and other woods for his
"Fountain of Youth" (surf-related carvings)
series.  Go to the
Carvings section for more
photos.  If you have any questions or comments
about John's work, or our website, please feel
free to contact us anytime at the